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ENaira Wallet Registration Portal – Open eNaira Account, App download, website portal login. Get ENaira wallet via the official website. The Central Bank of Naira ENaira CBN launch has commenced. ENaira is a digital version of Nigeria’s currency, Naira.

ENaira website is open for registration. Login to your E-Naira wallet on ENaira app is available on Google playstore for downloads. You will have to log in Enaira and register to start using the digital currency.

ENaira platform website is open. Is Enaira crypto? Well ENaira is a digital wallet with cash in Naira. CBN has described it to be an online version of the Naira. You can buy or sell things with the E-Naira. It is still a legal tender backed by the government.

ENaira Website Portal Login Registration

ENaira portal login procedures is here. If you want to log in to e-naira website, then visit and provide your login details to access your ENaira dashbaord. Here is a full step guide for E-naira registration website login guidelines:

  1. Download the E-Naira App or Visit
  2. Click on Register
  3. An invitation code will be sent to you from your bank.
  4. Enter your BVN, NIN and other information required of you.
  5. Upload your Passport Photograph.
  6. Once completed, click on submit.
  7. You will be notified by your Bank. You can now log in to your Enaira wallet.

ENaira Wallet Login

You can log in to your enaira wallet, and also you can register as an Enaira merchant still on the website, or you can download Enaira apk online and follow the same guidelines we provided to you earlier.

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Please take note that E-Naira can be linked to your bank account and provides you a seamless option to make payment online with total ease. The Central Bank has announced the ENaira launch date to be on 1st October 2021.

The E-Naira is a central bank regulated currency which is only a digital version of the Naira. Unlike crypt, E-Naira is being regulated by the CBN hence it is being regarded as a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

What You should about the eNaira

As the Nigeria digital currency launches, it is important you know these few things about the currency.

How is the Currency Stored?

The eNaira is held in digital storage, eNaira Wallet, and managed on a distributed ledger.

How Safe is the Currency?

The currency has a unique identity and security structure. Unlike the cryptocurrencies, it is traceable and as such, fraudulent activities can be traced. You can monitor your e-wallet activities from the app.

What are the Uses for eNaira?

  • eNaira can be used for payment solutions ranging from retail transactions to diaspora remittances even at cheaper rates than other options.
  • The currency can also be used for both international and local trade, exchanged peer to peer and is universal which means anybody can hold it. It does not yield any interest.
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What is an eNaira Wallet?

eNaira Wallet is the official digital storage app provided by the Central Bank of Nigeria to hold the new digital currency, eNaira.

How to Get the eNaira

To start using the Nigeria digital currency, eNaira, you need to create an eNaira Wallet which allows you to send, receive and spend eNaira with little or no charges at all.

The steps below will guide you to get started;

  • For Android Users: download the eNaira app (termed “Speed”) from either the Google Play Store
  • For iPhone Users: Download the app from the Apple Store and complete the registration process.
  • For Feature Phone Users: Utilize the USSD codes and follow the registration prompts.
  • Payments can be made by scanning QR codes.

Notably, you may be required to link your personal bank account(s) and/or bank verification details (you should however be reminded that sensitive bank details should always be kept away from the internet)

How to Resolve Failed eNaira Transactions

In the case of any failed transaction, users are advised to reach out to the customer support of the bank selected during the registration for eNaira. For quick resolution of failed transactions, reach out to the bank’s available channels such as phone, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

For issues not resolved after 48 hours, customers should send an email to CBN’s eNaira Customer Support via [email protected]

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