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Failed Npower Payment Status on NASIMS Payroll 2022 Batch C

Failed NPower Payment Status on NASIMS Payroll 2022 Batch C: See Possible Reasons This Might Be Happening on Your NASIMS Payroll Dashboard and What You Can Do To Resolve The Issue and Receive Your Payment for September and October 2021.

We will be discussing the Possible Reasons why some of you are seeing Failed on your NPower Payment Status, so read on.

Possible Reasons For Failed NPower Payment Status

While NASIMS prepare to share a post by tomorrow regarding the ‘FAILED’ payment status recently encountered by some beneficiaries after they have ascertained the possible cause and way out, we will highlight what might have transpired.

1. If your payroll change to “failed” it means that you have been paid, but there was a redirect on your account. If this is not rectified, it means you may not be paid throughout the program. I advise that you send a mail to NPOWER with the caption “PAYROLL FAILED” or call Nasims hotlines for rectification.

2. If your status is showing paid, but you have not received an alert, I advise you to check your account balance using your back app. If after checking it is still not there then you can email NASIMS or call their hotline while you continue checking your balance.

3. If you have any pending issue on your deployment page, I advise that you dial *45665# and speak directly with npower Nasims representative.

4. Those with No BVN data or invalid BVN means that your BVN was not validated by NIBSS and hence, you won’t be paid. I advise that you should email Nasims with the heading “BVN not validated” and the body of the mail should contain; your NPOWER ID and your bank details. Please don’t include your bank pin.

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5. Those with issue of NO PAYMENT DATA. If you had done your Verification successfully, you will be paid, but if you have not done it, then you won’t be paid.
Once you are paid, it will change, because that place it going to contain your monthly payment throughout the program. Since you have not received any stipend, yet that is why it is showing NO PAYMENT DATA.

6. If your status changed from beneficiary to applicant, don’t worry it’s a mistake from npower, if you have done your Verification successfully you will still see your alert, and they will correct the mistake. I advise that you contact them via email and wait for the correction.

7. Those with pending issue, it means that your profile is still be validated by NIBBS, once it is done it will change to Either Processing or paid.

8. Those showing “Processing” the issue is from your bank. I advise that you visit the customer case unit of your bank for clarification.

9. Those with wrong BVN or Account number, I advise that you visit your bank for an update, then you effect the correction on your dashboard.

10. Base on information I have, everything been equal, there will be batch C2 before any other batch comes in. I don’t know the date it will commence but once I know it trust me I will communicate same to everyone.

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11. There is plan to increase the number of volunteer to 5 million according to information I have.

12. The NASIMS complaint official website is [email protected]
Their phone number is online too, you can Google it.

NASIMS Payroll Payment Issues and Solutions

It is no longer news that Npower has begun paying Npower beneficiaries. However, as the payment continued, some beneficiaries were told that the reason why they are yet to be paid is because they are yet to validate their account on Nasims portal and are instructed to validate their account by editing their profile to add BVN record or call the nasims support line via the numbers below.

Though Npower has sent payment to Beneficiaries bank for disbursement and some beneficiaries’ payroll status has been on processing mode for the past 1 week. These categories of beneficiaries whose account is not validated might get failed payment status which simply means your bank tried to pay you, but the payment failed because of one issue or the other which Nasims will be officially addressing soon.

If you fall under the categories of those with failed payment status, kindly remain calm. Nasims team will be sharing a post on the cause and possible solution.

Meanwhile, you can contact Nasims agents for your validation, via these numbers: 092203102, 018888340, and willingly release the information as requested if your account details are not correct. If, however, our helplines are unresponsive when you call, please keep calling or try back at intervals and DO NOT SEND EMAIL. is your number one source for all Recruitment Application Forms in Nigeria. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of Job Opportunities, with an emphasis on Federal Government Recruitment, General Opportunities and…

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  1. Avatar Akiiga kashimana says:

    Please i need to know why I have not received my April and May stipend and nothing has reflected on my payroll for the past two months

  2. Avatar Akiiga kashimana says:

    My payroll is not showing any payment details i nothing is even sent to my account (April and May stipend)

  3. Avatar Okoi Fidelis Marcus says:

    I have not been paid for two months why?

  4. Avatar Eze Samson udoka says:

    My November payment failed, it’s was on processing last week but latter failed again , I beg rectify the issue please (November paroll failed)

  5. Avatar Eze Samson udoka says:

    My November paroll failed, I beg help me check what was wrong

  6. Avatar Jamiu mutiu says:

    My September and December has not been paid. September pending and December declined, please help me out.

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