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NPower Redeployment 2021 | Change Programme on NASIMS Portal: The NPower Programme Change and Redeployment is now available to all candidates or applicants who are interested in changing from current deployment location and programme assigned to them.

You will also be asked  to select a new NPower Programme if the 0ne you selected is not available in your LGA of PPA. See below on how to go about changing your programme on the NASIMS Portal Dashboard.

NPower Redeployment / Change of Programme 2021.

Some of the applicants who applied for the N-Power Batch C Recruitment and was successfully Shortlisted found out that they weren’t Deployed because the Programme they selected was not available in their LGA, and they were asked to select again a new NPower Programme.

If you are among this set of NPower applicants, here is step by step guidelines on how to choose a New NPower Programme if the Programme you selected is Not Available in Your Local Government Area.

How to select a new NPower Programme if the previously selected one is unavailable in your LGA:
To select a New Programme in NPower Batch C Recruitment, please kindly follow the guidelines below:

  1. Login to your NPower NASIMS Portal via
  2. Click on Deployment, a list of Available Programmes will pop up in the following format:
    1. N-TEACH
    2. N-HEALTH
    3. N-AGRO
  3. Select your New Programme and Submit.
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How To Apply for NPower Redeployment

Some beneficiaries of the ongoing deployment of Batch C stream 1 said he chose N-Teach Programme during his NPower application, but that isn’t available in his location.

If you are one of those facing a similar issue, here is a guide to help you apply for redeployment and select a new programme that is available in your location.

If the option to print a deployment letter doesn’t appear on your dashboard, it means the programme you selected during registration isn’t available.

In this case, the NSIP team would direct you to re-select a new programme, here is to solve this problem.

It’s simple, click on the option to select a new programme and submit.

In a situation whereby the available options do not contain your preferred choice, don’t worry, select the available one and submit.

When you’re posted to the new PPA, you can then apply for redeployment. But before then, you need to find an FG-approved location.

Requirements for redeployment:

  1. Get a rejection letter from your current primary place of assignment.
  2. Obtain an acceptance letter from one of the PPA that you want to redeploy to

NPower Redeployment Process:

  • Login to your NASIMS dashboard
  • From your dashboard menu: Overview, screening, verification, deployment, select, “deployment”
  • Select “redeployment” (It can be found beside the download PPA Letter)
  • Follow the instruction highlighted above
  • Click “See available PPA for your LGA
  • It displays the available Place of Primary Assignment and their specific location
  • Click apply for redeployment
  • Upload your rejection letter and acceptance letter
  • Select  place of primary assignment indicated on your acceptance letter
  • Hit the submit button, that’s all.
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